Fronts Paws & Claws – Meet Gemma (Adopted)

Are you an active family with lots of love and adventures to provide for a loving girl?

Gemma may be the lady for you! She is a sweet gal that loves her treats and mealtimes and will do anything for them. She is a bundle of energy and sometimes has trouble containing her excitement, at 2 years old she still has a lot of typical puppy behaviours that her new home should prepare to provide lots of patience and training for. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train Gemma – she is very food-motivated! Although her love of treats and toys are great tools to help with her training, sharing does not come easily to her and she will act tough to keep her valued items to herself. For this reason, an experienced owner that can provide her with positive reinforcement and lots of consistency, would be an asset for this beauty.

She knows some basic commands such as ‘sit’ and is eager to learn more. We have learned from Gemma’s stay here that she can be very intense when meeting new people and animals. She can be intimidating with her approach so we believe that she would not be a good fit for a home that already has pets at home. With time and lots of training she may adjust to other animals in the household but we would recommend her new home takes their time getting to know her before taking the steps to introduce her to new furry friends.

Gemma can also be a bit weary around men and would do best with a female owner. She is also working on keeping all four paws on the ground, especially when excited, so doing some research on discouraging this behaviour and her tendency to guard her favourite toys and food bowl is essential to set her up for success. Gemma would love a fenced in yard so that she can roam freely, but if this is not do-able then she must be leash walked frequently and for long periods to keep her active and calm when it’s time to settle in for the evening. Gemma would be most comfortable in an adult only home. She is currently on some medications to keep her feeling healthy and happy. If you are in search of a rescue dog and match the criteria that would make Gemma feel right at home, then give us a call to chat more about her and her needs today!

If you would like to adopt Gemma, please fill out an application online at

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