Fronts Paws & Claws – Meet Teddy

Teddy may take some time to get comfortable, but he loves being near people and he will not turndown a good tummy rub. He is not an overly active guy, preferring to spend his days lazing around, however recently, he has started to show some playfulness with toys and even chasing after them.

He loves his treats and will come running if he hears the rustling sound of the treat bag or catnip container. Teddy loves his dry food and is not a huge fan of any canned food. Teddy has a heart murmur, this means he will need regular checkups at the veterinarian to ensure he is happy and healthy. He also had a mass removed from his toe, please call the shelter for more information on this.

If this truly loveable “Teddy” seems perfect for you, please fill out an application online today at

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