Fronts Paws & Claws – Meet Crane (Adopted)


**UPDATE** We are proud to announce that Crane has been adopted 🙂


Crane is a Siberian Husky mix and he is available for adoption through the Kington Humane Society.

Crane was removed from a residence where he spent his life with six other dogs neglected in an outdoor pen, with no socialization or positive interactions with humans. When he arrived, he was petrified of the sights and sounds of the shelter. Most disheartening, though, he was so afraid of our animal care staff that we couldn’t touch him.

After three months of intensive socialization with KHS, Crane has made great strides in learning to trust us. He will do well in a suburban or rural environment with a securely fenced yard. As Crane is still a flight risk he cannot live in an apartment. He is stubborn and intelligent, true to his breed, a home who is ready to research and plan for breed tendencies as well as his unique upbringing will be rewarded with a bright and loving boy just waiting for some patience and TLC.

He is working on his leash manners, but is still fearful and needs to build confidence on the leash and when exploring the intimidating outside world. Because of Crane’s initial fear of humans, and the work still required to continue his socialization, Crane needs an experienced family without children under the age of 14, no cats and he MUST go into a home with another dog to help him work on his confidence and training.

He will still be afraid of new things, like the car or the vet or strangers but the home ready to provide the training and consistency he has been lacking, will be excited to see an amazing companion that needs rescuing but might just end up rescuing you right back! Crane will need to remain on anti-anxiety medications as they have helped him cope with the enormous upheavals in his life, so a relationship with a veterinarian will be crucial for his development. We will provide short term supply of these medications to help him transition but we expect that his new home will have to work with a vet to ensure that he is healthy and happy before taking away this helpful tool.

He will also need yearly monitoring by a vet as he has tested positive for Lyme’s Disease so those that are thinking about adopting Crane should do some research on what that entails for this cutie throughout his life. He is a super handsome guy who has shown great progress with us at the shelter and just can’t wait to continue to learn the ropes of happy doggy living in his forever home.

If you think he might be the boy for you, apply online today at

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