The Fronts Shop Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for the Holidays

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It is that time of year again! The weather is getting a little bit colder, the days are becoming even shorter, and holiday lights begin popping up around Kingston. Although this year’s holiday season will be a little bit different than in the past, it is still a time to celebrate, and for many, give gifts to others.

With Frontenac hockey just two months away, what better way would there be to get prepared than getting decked out in Fronts colours. Cannot figure out what to get for the Fronts fan in your life? Check out our top 10 gifts from The Fronts Shop.


  1. Mini-sticks, Pucks and Banners

If you are looking for a smaller gift or stocking stuffer, here you go. Almost every hockey player or fan has played mini-stick hockey in the halls of their house at some point, scratching up the floors but having fun doing so. With a puck, you can have something that is the same things Frontenacs players use at the Leon’s Centre, all while showing fandom with banners and pennants hanging from the walls.

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  1. Vintage Logo T-Shirt

While the newer stuff is great, you or your fan might have some fond memories of the circular Frontenacs logo used from 1998-2001. With its simple design, this grey shirt is the perfect piece to support the Frontenacs throughout the day, rather than putting on a full jersey for a stroll around the neighbourhood. If the vintage look is not for you, many other T-Shirts are also available at The Fronts Shop.

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  1. CCM 2020 OHL Priority Selection Cap

On April 4th, Paul Ludwinski, Nathan Poole, Thomas Budnick, and other Frontenac draft picks got the chance to put on this stylish hat, and for the holidays, the Fronts fan in your life could too. The snapback is perfect for anyone with its adjustable size, and the embroidered logo stands out and signifies who you cheer for. It has the team name written on the top of the brim, and the OHL logo at the back, making it a fantastic all-round gift.

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  1. CCM Striped Yellow K Toque

The Priority Selection Cap is excellent, but maybe a toque is more timely with winter in full force. Also, from CCM, this toque will keep your head and ears warm while showing Frontenac pride as you stroll through the city or skate across an outdoor rink.

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  1. Women’s 1/4 Frontenacs Hockey ‘73 Hoodie

The perfect mix of a hoodie and a quarter zip sweater, this throwback hoodie hearkens back to the days of the Kingston Canadians with “73” on the front while also having the current Frontenac name on it. With the cooler temperatures and spending lots of time inside, being cozy in this hoodie seems like a great idea.

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  1. Property of Kingston Frontenacs Hoodie

If wearing what our players are is the goal, grab this sweater faster than Geoff Schneider scored the fastest two goals in franchise history. He scored those goals within 10 seconds of each other, so we will give you a bit of extra time. The black sweater with the yellow “K” and text is a perfect pullover and is the same sweaters our players can be seen in throughout their daily life.

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  1. Kingston Frontenacs Bardown Hoodie Gold “K”

From Bardown Hockey, this sweater is a bit of a twist on the others. A metallic gold Frontenacs logo graces the Front, something a little different than the others. The front pocket is also perfect when you inevitably forget your gloves and need a place to warm your hands. Of all the Fronts hoodies, this one is up there with the nicest.

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  1. CADPAT Adult/Kid Jerseys

This jersey is a favourite of many, including many of the players. On takeover the players have done on Instagram, Nick Wong said he loved it, and Shane Wright recalled scoring in the camo jerseys as one of his favourite moments. Not only does this jersey look great and stand out, but it also honours all of the brave people who have fought for Canada.

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  1. Adult/Kid Home and Away jerseys

You will not find anything better and more authentic for a Fronts fan in the shop; the jersey is the ultimate gift for a Fronts fan in your life. Whether it be a custom one with a name of your choice on the back, a blank one, or one of our players, the jersey is the perfect way to support the Fronts wherever you are.

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  1. Bardown Masks

The holidays are a cheerful and fun time, but this year, we cannot forget that masks are an essential factor to keep our community safe from the spread of COVID-19. These sharp-looking Fronts masks can tie any outfit together and are perfect wherever masks are needed. Choose your favourite colour and design out of our three options.

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Happy Holidays from the Frontenacs!

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