Business Operations

Business Operations

Phone: 613-542-4042

Doug Springer  President and Governor 

Michael Springer Vice President, Business Operations

Nicole Kemp  Assistant Vice President, Business Operations (x6044) 

Brenda Mavety  Administration and Merchandising (x6040)

Rebecca Ganyu  Business Operations Coordinator

Tracy Patrick  Director of Corporate Partnerships and Sales

Brenden Bouvier  Account Executive – Ticket Sales 

Jordan Jackson  Manager of Media and Game Operations (x6046)

Colton Robb Manager of Marketing and Digital Media (x6058)

Alex Langlois Coordinator of Game Operations and Community Events

Mike Omelan  Coordinator of Game Operations and Videography


For any business inquiries, please contact Nicole Kemp at


Content specialists

Jim Gilchrist  Play-by-play 

Sideshow  Game Day Announcer

Sam Mcdaid  Game Day Host

Jill Power  Game Day Host

Robert John Boucher  Head Team Photographer

Eric Schwar  Team Photographer

Marcus Boutilier  Game Day Writer

Cole Nayler  Game Day Music Operator

Jesse Benoit  Game Day Content Specialist

Aiden Almeida  Game Day Intern

Liam Mckillen  Game Day Performer

Ben Steiner  Feature Writer

Rian McCarthy  Graphic Design Assistant


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Phone: 613-542-4042

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