A Message from Dr. Kieran Moore and KFL&A Public Health

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Dr. Kieran Moore and KFL&A Public Health have provided the Kingston Frontenacs with a video recommending that our community begins to think about recovering and reimagining what fall life may look like in the post pandemic era.

It is important that we continue to follow appropriate infection prevention control measures and public health protocols so that we can be back in the stands for the 2021-22 OHL Season.

Please visit KFL&A Public Health’s website at for more information on COVID-19 vaccines.


Transcript of Dr. Moore’s message:

“I know, right now in the summertime, we’re in the response stage to this pandemic, but we need to start the thoughts about recovering and reimagining what the fall will look like in the post pandemic era. I can imagine that we’re back in the stands watching the Fronts, that we’re in the stands watching our children play hockey games, all with appropriate infection prevention control measures, public health measures and hopefully with a vast majority of us immunized with our second doses. That’s the type of world I want us to start to imagine for the fall and supporting our local teams and getting back to a post pandemic time where we are building back our social, mental, and physical well being”.

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